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This session is exclusively created for you, as a way to share some inspirations and guidance to your next trip to our beautiful home country, Brazil. 

Here, you can find ideas on what to do while in Rio; our favorite restaurants & bars; hotel recommendation; Brazil highlights in case you want to prolong your trip; music you should listen to!

In case you need any further tip, we'll be more than happy to include in here.

Looking forward to celebrating our wedding with you, holding a nice caipirinha and dancing samba together all night long.



  • Date: June 9th 2018 at 4pm
  • Ceremony & Reception: Rua Dr. Júlio Otoní, 444 - Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20241-400, Brasil
  • Dresscode: evening/cocktail dress for ladies and suit for the gentlemen
  • RSVP: please, confirm your presence under the link http://www.carlaegabriel.com/en/rsvp
  • Guest Book: we would love to receive a message from you under http://www.carlaegabriel.com/en/messages







  • Christ Redeem: for those in a sport spirit, you can to a 2-hour-hike up to the top, inside the forest. We really recommend; but make sure to go early, otherwise it is too hot.
  • Sugar Loaf: we suggest you go in the afternoon to enjoy the sunset. Before, you should pass by Bar Urca for a cold beer.
  • Botanic Garden: really great place for a pleasant and calm morning. We recommend you to also have breakfast in La Byciclette before.
  • Lapa: classical bohemian neighborhood that we love. Enjoy a nice evening wandering around and stop in one of our favorite spots for a nice samba or forró concert: Rio Scenarium, Clube dos Democráticos (on Thursdays), Teatro Odisséia. Of course, make sure to check out the “Escadaria Selaron”.
  • Copacabana Beach: most famous beach in Rio! We love how the sidewalk is designed and the people different people color it. We recommend you to experience 1 hour of standup paddling and after have break at Confeitaria Colombo, in Copacabana’s Fort. The view is fantastic!
  • Maracanã: for sure, you’ll be able to experience a spectacular soccer game during your stay as it will time for the Brazilian Championship. By the way, you’ll be supporting Flamengo.
  • Arpoador: perfect place to watch the sunset. The atmosphere is just beautiful, applauding the sun is a tradition!
  • Ipanema/Leblon Beach: go as many times as you can and make sure you try “Mate Leão with Lemon” together with a “Biscoito Globo”. This is just a classical combo.
  • Santa Teresa: we simply love Santa Teresa and this is why we decided to marry here! This neighborhood is one of the oldest ones in Rio and it is filled with nice restaurants and bars. Our favorite is Bar do Mineiro! To get there, you should also take the old tram, from the city center. This is another experience!
  • Vidigal: if you want to experience a favela, you should do a tour inside Vidigal in combination with a hike to Morro Dois Irmãos. The view is awesome! Another idea is to enjoy a nice party at Bar do Arvrão. Check the agenda before going there with a moto-taxi.
  • Feira de São Cristóvão: this place is a center of north and northeast culture and traditions. It is really worth it to go there to try many different types of food (carne seca, tapioca, Guaraná Jesus, etc). The karaoke there is another highlight, on top of many forró dancefloors.
  • Instituto Moreira Sales: beautiful exhibitions in a breathtaking house.
  • Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon: we love to do a picnic there! Get a bottle of wine, sit on the grass, enjoy the view! If bored, you can rent these “swan paddling boat”! Don’t forget to have a nice caipirinha at Palaphitas.
  • Praia da Reserva: it is a bit further, but going there is priceless. It is considered a natural patrimony; therefore, no constructions around are allowed. Enjoy a nice day at this untouchable beach. For lunch, don’t forget to go to Restaurante do Bira for the best fresh fish in town. If you have energy, you can also extend the day to do standup paddling in Restinga da Marambaia.
  • Horto: one day, we’ll live in one of these cute houses. This place has 2 nice bars you should try: Do Horto and Jojô Café. You can come here after enjoying the waterfall. To get there, put in Google: “Cachoeira do Horto”
  • Floresta da Tijuca: magnificent forest! We suggest you to go there for a nice walk and, later, enjoy the lunch at Esquilos.
  • Niterói: the best view of Rio is here! In this city, you should visit: the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC); Parque da Cidade (here the view is UAUUU); Itacoatiara Beach. Of course, if in Niterói, go to Taberna do Darwin.






We classified the hotels in 3 levels:

a) Low budget: up to 130$

b) Medium budget: from 130$ until 180$

c) Glam budget: from 180$

>> The prices are based on a research at Booking.com


  • Low budget: Leblon All Suites (86$/night)
  • Medium budget: Ritz Leblon (136$/night)
  • Glam budget: Marina Palace (181$/night)


  • Low budget: Hotel Vermont (89$/night)
  • Medium budget: Golden Tulip Ipanema Palace (129$/night)
  • Glam budget: Hotel Fasano (559$/night)


  • Low budget: Royal Rio Palace (96$/night)
  • Medium budget: Othon Palace (141$/night) or Pestana (148$/night) or Porto Bay (130$/night)
  • Glam budget: Belmond Copacabana Palace (363$/night)

CHARMING HOTELS (not really in the hot paredes, but worth staying)

  • Hotel Santa Teresa, Santa Teresa (220$/night)
  • Mama Ruisa, Santa Teresa (120$/night)
  • Hotel Casa Mosquito, Santa Teresa (155$/night)
  • La Suite, Joatinga (225$/night)
  • Gran Meliá Nacional, São Conrado (150$/night)




Chocolate Q

  • Where? Rua Garcia D’Ávila, 149 loja B - Ipanema
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. Best chocolate in Brazil and we'd dare to say in the World
    2. Great place to get extra souvenir from Rio in a outstanding tropicalia packaging
    3. Chocolate experience: six types of bars with different percentages of cocoa liquor all without any additives, colorings or flavorings.


Restaurante Aprazível

  • Where? R. Aprazível, 62 – Santa Teresa
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. Great view to Rio’s city center
    2. Delicious Pão de Queijo with special homemade sausage and the Palmito Pupunha
    3. Amazing tropical drinks


Bar do Mineiro

  • Where? Rua Paschoal Carlos Magno, 99 - Santa Teresa
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. Feijoada
    2. Typical “Bolinho de Feijoada”
    3. Atmosphere that requires a super cold beer


 Taberna do Darwin

  • Where? Rua Pau Brasil, 14 - Engenho do Mato, Niterói
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. Great place to go after a long morning in Itacoatiara Beach
    2. The surroundings: you’ll feel you are in Rio’s countryside
    3. Vegan Salad Buffet


Sushi Leblon

  • Where? Rua Dias Ferreira, 256
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. Modern Japanese food: try the one with fois gras and green apple
    2. Great surrounding
    3. Fresh food


Riba Bar

  • Where? Avenida Afrânio de Melo Franco – Leblon Beach
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. Watch the sunset, drinking a rosé wine, with foot directly on the sand.
    2. Beach atmosphere
    3. Good snacks


Qui Qui

  • Where? Av. Pref. Mendes de Morais, 822 - São Conrado
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. After-beach lunch
    2. Best view to watch Rio’s top spot for paragliding
    3. Beach Atmosphere


Restaurante Nova Capela

  • Where? Av. Mem de Sá, 96 - Centro
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. Cod fish balls with very cold beer, just to start.
    2. Yumi-yumi roasted goat with broccoli rice
    3. Bohemian atmosphere


Churrascaria Majórica

  • Where? Rua Senador Vergueiro, 11/15 - Flamengo
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. Picanha
    2. Portuguese Potatoes
    3. Eggs & Banana Farofa



  • Where? R. do Ouvidor, 43 - Centro
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. Saturday’s traditional Samba
    2. Old Rio surroundings
    3. Bohemian atmosphere


Aconchego Carioca

  • Where? R. Barão de Iguatemi, 379 - Praca da Bandeira
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. Bolinho de feijoada
    2. Beer’s menu
    3. Arroz da terra com carne de sol e queijo coalho


Bar Bracarense

  • Where? R. José Linhares, 85 - Leblon
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. One of the most famous street bars in Rio
    2. Cold draft beer
    3. Tradicional bar snacks


Zazá Bistrô Tropical

  • Where? R. Joana Angélica, 40 - Ipanema
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. Drinks Menu
    2. Root chips with wasabi
    3. Lemon Risotto with shrimps


Restaurante do Bira

  • Where? Estr. da Vendinha, 68 - Barra de Guaratiba
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. Fresh fish
    2. Pastel de Shrimps
    3. Amazing view in a post-beach atmosphere


Restaurante Os Esquilos

  • Where? Parque Nacional da Tijuca - Estr. da Cascatinha, s/n - Alto da Boa Vista
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. Located in the center of Mata Atlântica, world's largest urban forest
    2. Salmon with passionfruit sauce
    3. Feijoada


Adega Pérola

  • Where? Rua Siqueira Campos, 138 - Copacabana
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. Traditional carioca pub
    2. Brazilian tapas
    3. Good beer


Pavão Azul

  • Where? Rua Hilário de Gouvêia, 71 - Copacabana
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. Favorite Pé sujo (“dirty feet”), which is a definition of a no-frills bar
    2. Classic pastéis
    3. Cold beer


Bar Urca

  • Where? R. Cândido Gafree, 205 - Urca
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. Sunday is the perfect day to watch the sunset there, due to its unbeatable view
    2. Order a liter Antarctica Original Beer, stupidly cold
    3. Order Pastéis de Camarão


Academia da Cachaça

  • Where? Rua Conde de Bernadotte, 26 - Leblon
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. Best cachaça menu
    2. Feijoada
    3. Escondinho de Carne Seca


Braseiro da Gávea

  • Where? Praça Santos Dumont, 116 - Gávea
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. Picanha
    2. Farofa de ovo & broccoli rice
    3. Linguiça with campanha sauce


  • Where? Av. Epitácio Pessoa, S/N - Ipanema
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. Caipirinha with Amazonian fruits
    2. Beautiful view to Christ Redeem and Lagoa
    3. Great Amazonian food         


DRI Café

  • Where? R. Jd. Botânico, 414 - Jd. Botânico - Parque Lage
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. Perfect location for breakfast/brunch
    2. Beautiful location: inside Parque Lage’s courtyard’s central pool,
    3. Christ Redeem View


La Byciclette

  • Where? Rua Jardim Botânico 1008 – Jardim Botânico
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. Perfect location for breakfast/brunch
    2. Beautiful location: inside Botanic
    3. Christ Redeem View



  • Where? Rua Jardim Botânico 971 - Jardim Botânico
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. Perfect location for a great lunch with lots of amazing meats
    2. Inside of Jockey Club
    3. Queen Beef Steak


Fogo de Chão

  • Where? Av. Reporter Nestor Moreira, s/n - Botafogo
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. Iconic Churrasco
    2. Beautiful view to the Sugar Loaf
    3. Eat! Eat! Eat!


Café Lamas

  • Where? R. Marquês de Abrantes, 18 – Flamengo
  • 3 reasons to go there:
    1. From 1964 to 1985, it was a salon for underground Communists meeting during the military dictatorship.
    2. Black-bowtie waiters
    3. Order a classic Filé Mignon à Oswaldo Aranha







  • Care Body & Soul (Ipanema): +55 21 3813-0560
  • Ophicina do Cabelo (Shopping Leblon): +55 21 2274-9547
  • FIL Hair & Experience (Ipanema): +55 21 2523-6688
  • Werner Coiffure (Leblon): +55 21 2540-8660
  • Beauty Center (Sao Conrado) +55 21 2422-0482

>> Even if you will not get ready in a salon, I'd still strongly recommend you to do manicure and pedicure in Rio. Besides being much cheap than in the US or any other country in Europe, the quality is AMAZING!




  • Lenny Niemeyer
  • Adriana Degreas
  • Salinas
  • Cia Marítima
  • Vix
  • Blue Man


  • FARM
  • Osklen
  • Les Lis Blanc
  • Bô.Bô
  • Animale
  • Iorane
  • Mara Mac
  • Reserva
  • Richards


  • Schutz
  • Arezzo
  • Melissa
  • Mr. Cats
  • Alexandre Birman
  • Manufact


  • Fábula
  • Paola da Vinci
  • Upiá 


  • Tutto per la Casa
  • Tania Bulhões
  • Le lis Blanc



We’d definitely recommend to visit other Brazilian outstanding places



Still in Rio de Janeiro State:

  • Paraty
  • Ilha Grande
  • Búzios
  • Visconde de Mauá (it is in São Paulo, but we consider as Rio. kkk)

In Minas Gerais State:

  • Tiradentes
  • Ouro Preto
  • Brumadinho – go to Inhotim


In the Northeast side:

  • Fernando de Noronha
  • Salvador
  • Morro de São Paulo
  • Chapada Diamantina
  • Porto de Galinhas
  • Jericoacoara
  • Praia da Pipa
  • Lençóis Maranhances
  • Praia do Morerá, Ilha de Boipeba
  • Praia de Carneiros
  • Maragogi
  • Trancoso       


In the North side:

  • Arquipélago de Anavilhanas, Amazonas
  • Alter do Chão


In the Center:

  • Bonito
  • Pantanal
  • Chapada dos Veadeiros


In the South side:

  • Foz do Iguaçú



To make you enter into Brazilian mood, find below some nice Brazilian musicians you should follow in Spotify

  • Maria Gadú
  • Maria Rita
  • Seu Jorge
  • Alceu Valença
  • Jorge Ben
  • Gilberto Gil
  • Caetano Veloso
  • Bebel Gilberto
  • Beth Carvalho
  • João Gilberto
  • Vinícius de Moraes
  • Nara Leão
  • Carlos Malta
  • Novos Bahianos